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This means that they fell ill after a blood transfusion. This is due to the fact that testing of donated blood for the hepatitis C virus began only a few years ago. Quite often, infection occurs through syringes in drug addicts. Sexual transmission is also possible from mother to fetus. The greatest danger is the chronic form of this disease, which often turns into cirrhosis and liver cancer. Chronic course develops in approximately 70-80% of patients. The combination of hepatitis C with other forms of viral hepatitis sharply aggravates the disease and threatens with a fatal outcome. Hepatitis E is similar to hepatitis A, but starts slowly and is more dangerous for pregnant women.

The last in the hepatitis family, hepatitis G, is similar to C but less dangerous. Hepatitis viruses enter the human body in two main ways. A sick person can excrete the virus with feces, after which it enters the intestines of other people with water or food. Doctors call this mechanism of infection fecal-oral. It is characteristic of hepatitis A and E viruses.Thus, hepatitis A and hepatitis E occur mainly due to poor personal hygiene, as well as the imperfection of the water supply system. This explains the greatest prevalence of these viruses in underdeveloped countries.

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The second route of infection is human contact with infected blood. It is characteristic of hepatitis B, C, D, G viruses. The greatest danger, due to the prevalence and severe consequences of infection, is represented by hepatitis B and C viruses. Situations in which infection most often occurs: - Donor blood transfusion. Worldwide, an average of 0.01-2% of donors carry hepatitis viruses, so currently donated blood is tested for the presence of hepatitis B and C viruses before transfusion into the recipient. The risk of infection is increased in people who need repeated blood transfusions or its products.

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It is believed that the likelihood of contracting hepatitis C in spouses is low.

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From the moment of infection to the appearance of the first signs of the disease, different times pass: from 2–4 weeks with hepatitis A, up to 2–4 and even 6 months with hepatitis B. After this period, during which the virus multiplies and adapts in the body, the disease begins Express yourself.

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